Miracle Million Campaign for B.C. Children’s Hospital

Since 1990 we have been helping BC Children’s Hospital to give countless children the ultimate gift: a bright future.

Over the years, with the help of BC Hydro, employees, family, and friends, the Power Pioneers have established a legacy of giving that continues today.

Power Pioneers marked a major milestone in 2015 as we reached our first $1 million goal for BC Children’s Hospital (BCCH). We are now working on our second million. We also have a goal to reach $1 million for our Ed Turner Memorial Endowment for Medical Genetics that generates annual interest income for BCCH doctors and researchers to use to advance medical genetics treatments and research in BC.

Guaranteeing a healthy future for B.C.’s children

The BC Hydro Power Pioneers Ed Turner Memorial Endowment for Medical Genetics at BC Children’s Hospital provides a reliable source of income, ensuring B.C.’s children and families will continue to have access to an invaluable and trusted resource. Ed Turner was a founding member of the Power Pioneers and always believed in leaving things better than you found them. He worked hard to establish the Endowment Fund knowing it would be a legacy for the children and families of B.C. for generations to come. Our vision in creating this endowment has helped make the delivery of exceptional child health care in B.C. possible – care that ranks among the best in the world. Funding generated from our endowment helps researchers devoted to medical genetics, whose persistent study of rare diseases, often leads to findings and diagnoses that ultimately result in insights into other more common illnesses.

Our Endowment total for the year ended March 31, 2021: $804,861 with generated an annual interest contribution to research of: $36,085

How do we raise money?

  • Individual and branch donations
  • BC Hydro Historical and Modern Art Cards sales
  • BC Hydro’s Safety Rodeos
  • BCCH Jean Up Campaign
  • Power Pioneer History Book Sales
  • Power Pioneers Volunteer Hours Program
  • Festival of Trees
  • Power Pioneers Annual Giving Campaign in the fall of each year
  • Special Provincial and Branch fundraisers such as our Face Mask Campaign with BCCH

Where does the money go?

  • BC Children’s Hospital where most needed
  • BC Hydro Power Pioneers Ed Turner Memorial Endowment Fund for Medical Genetics
  • BC Hydro Power Pioneers Aquariums Fund
  • Other (donor requested area)

BCCH 2020/21 ENDOWMENT Report

In support of the Centre for Molecular Medicine and Therapeutics at BCCH Research Institute

Read the 2020/21 report here

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