Who We Are

Inaugurated in 1990 with three branches, the BC Hydro Power Pioneers Association carries on a tradition going back over eighty years to the days of B.C. Electric and B.C. Power Commission.

We have 15 regional branches throughout B.C., representing over 5,500 retirees and their spouses.

Our Motto

Supporting our communities and each other. All Regional Branches become involved in fundraising and other activities to support both local and provincial charities. Power Pioneers work with appropriate partners for programs that will be of benefit for our members and our communities. Our partners include BC Hydro, B.C. Children’s Hospital and other local hospitals, Gluu Society, schools, charities and non-profit organizations.

Our Recognition

In 2010 the Power Pioneers received the prestigious Senior Leadership Award from Simon Fraser University’s Gerontology Research Centre, in recognition of our contributions as volunteers and today our members contribute over 100,000 hours annually to their communities.

We’re Making a Difference

Celebrating 25 years in 2015 – Power Pioneers marked a major milestone as we reached our $1 million goal through our Miracle Millions Campaign for BC Children’s Hospital. Currently we are working to raise our second million for the Hospital that includes our Ed Turner Memorial Endowment for Medical Genetics that is close to reaching $1 million.