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100 Mile – Presentation of a 2024 Community Service Award

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Once again, the 100 Mile Power Pioneers received only one entry for the yearly Community Service Award and again that entry came from Desert Sands Community School in Ashcroft.  That one entry was entered provincially for a Community Service Award and again won.

This year’s winner is Moira Kopanyas, an amazing student and volunteer from Desert Sands Community School.  Moira discovered at a young age that volunteering was a way to give back to the world.  She has volunteered at the local Ashcroft Legion as a member of the local Sea Cadets and is a current member of the Ashcroft Fire Rescue Department.   Moira has contributed to her school as a very active member of the school’s Social Committee,  Yearbook Committee and Career Development Committee.

Moira’s future plan is to become a doctor specializing in pulmonology and to be able to use her skills and passions to continue to help others.  It was a delight to be able to meet and present this wonderful young lady  with a 2024 Community Service Award.

Mike and Dot presented Moira Kopanyas with a 2024 Community Service Award.  Moira’s mother was able to join us in making the presentation.