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Upper Islanders Enjoy Summer Sunshine On a Boat Trip! August 26, 2016

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The day was made to order for a happy, relaxed group of Upper Island Power Pioneers to cruise the picturesque waters of Barkley Sound and Alberni Inlet situated on Vancouver Island’s west coast.  The weather was sunny and hot with not a breath of wind to stir the water, and as any west coast mariner will tell you, that doesn’t happen too often in those waters!

We boarded our charter bus early in the morning and headed for Port Alberni, traveling through majestic Cathedral Grove on the way.  From Port Alberni we drove past Sproat Lake, home of the last Martin Mars water bombers, over Sutton Pass and on to Ucluelet where we enjoyed lunch before boarding the MV Frances Barkley for a leisurely cruise through the Broken Island Group in Barkley Sound, a favourite destination for kayakers.  We passed Sechart Lodge, once the site of The Pacific Whaling Company’s first whaling station.  Passing the village of Bamfield, which boasts the last remaining floating Canada Post Office, we continued on up Alberni Inlet to Port Alberni where our bus was waiting to make the journey home.

img_9441 Power Pioneers at Amphitrite Point and Amphitrite Lighthouse


Ocean view from Amphitrite Point


Mt.Ozzard near Ucluelet


Stunning scenery in Barkley Sound!


In the Broken Islands


Broken Islands


Sechart Lodge