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South Interior Power Pioneers October Report

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We’re Baaaccckkkk…….

Your newsletter is a little delayed in distribution cause we ran away from yard, jobs and escaped to  Vancouver Island to enjoy our first longish (26 days) camping!  As they say… “just as the dr ordered” to rest, relax and enjoy!  We visited “old” friends – some from our elementary and high school days, “kids” we grew up with, one of Stew’s grade 12 grads (and that’s a big deal as his grad class of 1959 was a class of 6 – a small high school in a small town); neighbours from our years in Langley;  a piano student of mine when I was in high school whom we hadn’t seen in person for 57 years! (how is it possible to say that number when my brain thinks I’m not even that old… LOL);  a boarding house roommate of Stews from university days;   a visit with Stew’s working buddies – Paul Ethier and Chris Kristofferson, and a great visit with our Barb Logan.  Yes we visited and caught up with many but we also had many hours to walk the dogs, veg out and to sit on the beach and watch the beach activity and  the surfers.   Stew thought we should buy a surf board just to put on the roof of the vehicle just to fit in with every vehicle in Tofino – LOL!    Not a drop of rain until the last day to drive home – Perfect timing to our getaway!
So now that we’re back I guess we’d better do the catching up!  Forbes had your October newsletter ready to roll so you will find that attached.