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Provincial – Spring 2024 Gluu Society new courses launched, register today

Great news!

Gluu just launched some new FREE resources on their website and more are coming in Fall 2024. Even if you’ve taken a Gluu course before, you’ll find valuable new content in their new Must-Have Skills courses.

Topics cover artificial intelligence, digital security, personalizing devices, and more. 

Space in this program is very limited. Registration will close as soon as all spots in this program are filled. Register now to save your seat and take as many courses as you like. 

Here’s the lineup of Gluu Must-Have Digital Skills resources:

  • iPad Printed Guide (Available now while supplies last): This guide is for iPads running any version of iPadOS 17 (iPadOS 17.3, iPadOS 17.4.1, etc.). 
  • iPad Online Course (Launching May 2024): This course is for iPads running any version of iPadOS 17 (i.e., iPadOS 17.3, iPadOS 17.4.1, etc.). 
  • iPhone Online Course (Launching Fall 2024)
  • Samsung Tablet Online Course (Launching Fall 2024)
  • Samsung Phone Online Course (Launching Fall 2024)

Click here to save your seat or get your printed iPad guide (

About the printed Must-Have iPad Skills Guide

This FREE guide (valued at $29) is available while quantities last. Its companion online course is coming in May!

  • Covers the must-have skills we all need
  • Full-color, 96-page guide
  • Packed with step-by-step instructions
  • Designed for iPadOS 17+ users
  • For beginners and advanced users
  • Shipping is free

Want to learn more about Artificial Intelligence?

Download the FREE Gluu Guide to Artificial Intelligence (AI). This is a great resource for learning about AI and discovering how it can simplify your daily tasks, speed up your web searches, and even boost creative hobbies like writing, music, or art. It doesn’t even matter if you have creative skills—we can all be artists now! 

Click here to download your free copy from the Gluu website (