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Provincial – Join the Power Pioneers Miracle Makers Team for our Small Is Mighty Campaign coming this May

Small is Mighty

We’re getting ready for the Power Pioneers Small is Mighty Campaign for BC Children’s Hospital. It’s an online campaign during the month of May, and anyone can volunteer.

The Power Pioneers believe in the power of giving and helping kids in our communities that need BC Children’s Hospital (BCCH). Our Small is Mighty campaign shows how resilient kids can be in the face of uncertainty and the bravery and determination of children and families towards a positive outcome. Never doubt what small can do, check out the Small Is Mighty video from BCCH here.

We look forward to campaigning with our seasoned volunteers and those of you that want to get involved for the first time. You can be a campaign representative for your branch with your own QR code that people can use to make a donation through you, OR, you can register for your own personal fundraising page and fundraise through your colleagues, friends and family. Easy step by step instructions will be provided.

Small is Mighty is a powerful message that every donation, no matter its size, contributes to transforming children’s health care. Let’s make a difference together for a Miracle Makers Mighty Month of May!

To join our team and volunteer for our Small is Mighty campaign, please contact Maureen Lachnit at for more information.

If you can’t volunteer, you can always donate during the campaign or purchase our new Small Is Mighty teddy bear from our Gear store. Watch for details coming soon. Every little bit helps!

Power Pioneers Small is Mighty Campaign Committee

Chair, Maureen Lachnit