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John Hart Underground Project

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The following are the impressions of Dianne Michaely’s visit to the new underground power house which is replacing the 70 year old existing hydro station known as John Hart Generating Station at Campbell River.

For just a flashing second I thought I was back at Universal Studios on the set of the Million Dollar Man and then I realized the tunnel our bus had entered was an engineering marvel.  In my wildest imagination I never dreamed just how long the tunnel was that swallowed up our bus and led us to the immense cavern of John Hart.

Our tour bus left downtown Campbell River at exactly 11:10 and it was a short drive to John Hart. As soon as the bus parked stopped we got out and were met by BC Hydro personnel who pointed out the way for us to go.  We also had a tour guide who led us to our first stop, where we had time to take some pictures.

In the access tunnel to the underground power house.


This is the top of the generator.  The rest of it is in the two tunnels below us.



As the tour group ahead of us moved on, our guide took us up two flights of stairs where we had a view of the entire tunnel we were in.




 This panel was at the top of the stairs.


We then walked down a ramp to another tunnel where we could look down at the water flow.


This is a gate that can be picked up by the yellow crane in the above photo and moved to another position when needed.


We are coming to the end of our underground tour.


At this point it is 40 metres to the top of this tunnel and another 60 metres to ground level.


And finally our last look as we leave an awesome tour.

This is the opening of the tunnel where the power cables will come out from the generators.