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John Hart Generating Station Shutdown

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7:00 am and the 31 Power Pioneers are all aboard the bus on our way to John Hart, a special invitation for the shutdown of generators 2 and 6.  In Qualicum we picked up more members. Some members took their own vehicles and one member didn’t make it because he was left out in the fog.  In total  46 Power Pioneers attended the special event. At John Hart, Stephen Watson welcomed everyone, gave a brief history of John Hart with multi media here to film the event. Our group was asked to go down the stairs to the ramp over the Campbell River to experience the two generator shut downs—


Generator # 6 shut down


It is hard to describe the change as we are standing on that ramp, feeling the vibrations of the water and the noise of the generators fade as the generators are switched off forever.  Now we hear the sound of the Campbell River gently flowing and we hear the birds.



We are summoned to the main meeting area for a last tour inside the old station.


                Bill DeHart                                   Marg DeHart



Bob and Rene Rickard                         Karla Louwers


Generator #2                                         Pat Morris


A generation of Retirees


 A perfect day was ended with coffee and goodies before we boarded

our bus for our trip back to Nanaimo.