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100 Mile Volunteer Hours Donations

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Twenty-one enthusiastic members of the 100 Mile Power Pioneers earned a total of $420 by submitting their Volunteer Hours.  The Lillooet members decided to donate their $100 to the Lillooet and District Rescue Society.  The group from 100 Mile House earned $320 and voted to donate $160 each to the South Cariboo Search and Rescue and the 100 Mile Hospice Society.

The 100 Mile Hospice is a volunteer service dedicated to the compassionate end of life care for individuals and their families who live in 100 Mile House and the South Cariboo area.  Mike Bachman presented the $160 cheque to a representative of 100 Mile Hospice.


The South Cariboo Search and Rescue is a non-profit organization located in the 100 Mile House area. It is one of eighty groups of unpaid volunteers in British Columbia who supply hundreds of hours of training and resources to participate in the rescue of hundreds of people each year.  There is no photo for SAR but they were most grateful for the donation as they receive no provincial funding.


Stu Dew and Linda O’Donaghey presented $100 to the Lillooet and District Rescue Society.  This charity provides highway rescue, rope rescue, swift water rescue and assists other emergency services.