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WL Branch Monthly Meeting Guest Speaker Erica Burkert

Branch News
North Country Driving School Owner Operator Erica Burkert honored our request to attend our Branch meeting to answer/explain our members concern regarding senior driving ICBC driver testing requests. Members had no idea when driver tests are required or what they entail. We are so happy to advise the information we needed was thoroughly explained and where to find any unsure of answers in the manual she brought all of us. The main thing to do if the dreaded letter arrives she said, was to study the book and her words of relief was … “come and see me”!! She was surprised how many of us she knew because she schooled a number of our children over past years. She is an excellent teacher as indicated by our kids habits and we are so relieved that she offered to help our Branch members. Not saying we really need help of course, but just in case any ‘iffy’ habit is detected, an expert would pick that up and correct ….. right??

Great information Erica …. thank you from all of our members.