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Williams Lake Branch Supports 2020 Christmas Salvation Army Street Ministry

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Carol Kempf, wife of our member Rainer Kempf, saw an article in our local paper about the Salvation Army and the wonderful work they do in support of our community.  The article also mentioned the street ministry headed up by Dina Kennedy that provides food, warm beverages and warm blankets/sleeping bags to those in need.  The program runs weekly on Saturday evenings; and it is run by volunteers.  So Carol thought that she could help the program by doing some baking, which could be done without being an actual ‘volunteer’.

Carol says, “Because Rainer was a former BC Hydro employee, and belongs to our local chapter of the BC Hydro Power Pioneers, I thought about enlisting help from our interested members.  The response was wonderful and hopefully our Christmas baking will brighten the holidays for the neighbours in our community.”

On behalf of our local chapter and the people in our community receiving these amazing cookies, at a time when assistance is so badly needed, thank you, thank you.  You’ve all done an amazing thing.

A table full of cookies that will “brighten the holidays for the neighbours in our community.” Looks so delicious!!!