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Williams Lake Branch Presents 2019 Community Service Award

Branch News |
Branch members were proud to present this years very deserving recipient of our Community Service Award to WLSS graduating student Gabrielle Pierce. Our energetic, enthusiastic and innovative community service young lady has worked so hard during her high school years making her school learn, and practice, recycle and managing waste properly by teaching classmates and teaching staff how to easily sort items into proper binning. She then moved onto energy conservation by requesting led display light switches that indicate lights left on in areas of little use, like broom closets etc. When that program was successfully underway she turned to other city schools educating teachers and students. These new conservation programs now have spread to all School District 27 schools and hopefully will expand to others soon.

Gabrielle is so eager to learn, and work, on environmental Canadian, and World crisis problems that she has enrolled in University of Guelph Ontario where she found the top problem solving studies are being taught. She is motivated to getting after the cleanup of ocean plastic pollution solving and cant wait for her October University start. We wish her all the success possible helping find a solution turning the deadly problem around.

 Williams Lake 2019 Community Service Award  winner Gabrielle Pierce. The Award is being presented by Branch President Don Barnes and CSA Chair Dan Boyle.                                                                                                                                                     We wish you all the very best in the tremendous challenge you have chose Gabrielle.