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Williams Lake Branch Gigantic Garage Sale

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Williams lake Power Pioneers held another successful Gigantic Garage Sale Saturday May 11th. BC Hydro parking lot is perfect because all tables are lined up along the building leaving the lot open for parking. Customers just love this as its only a few steps away from their vehicle and easy to load their newly acquired ‘treasures’!! There were 3 other large sales on Saturday so we got the masses in waves most of the morning. Worked great for quickly moving our items. Hot sun was heating the lot fairly fast which made it nice to decide when we could escape the heat and find shade.



Members and guests bought table space and the this money, plus donations, are sent to PP for Children’s Hospital Miracle Million fund.

A total of $200.00 was raised for CH.

We will discuss and decide on another Garage Sale for next year at our upcoming monthly meeting.