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Upper Island Power Pioneers Oktoberfest 2022

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Oktoberfest- 17 October, 2022-11-04

A time for friends to gather, to catch up on each others lives, and to enjoy all that life has given us to be thankful for

Our Upper Island Power Pioneers met at Pipers Pub to laugh and have fun over a great lunch and drinks

Front left is Ken Michaely, Starting front right, all sitting are Pat Morris,

  Jane Adkins, Joan and Bob Peachey


Starting left, all sitting are Chuck Preston  Tove and Jim Gahr


Left is Lynn Cross, Pat Movold, Betty-Ann McKee –on right is Mirjam Jeffrey


Jack Allen, Helen and Stewart Manson


At back, head of the table is Rob Rickard. Left to right is Rene Rickard, 

                         Al Seper and Sharon Thomas


 Sharon Bickle and Lois Earle (our New Vice President, Power Pioneers


Chuck Preston