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Upper Island Christmas Lunch

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Upper Island Christmas lunch, an opportunity for our 115 members and guests to meet old friends and catch up on the years events.  It is also an opportunity to meet the new members .

Winners of the door prizes


John Fletcher and Dan Kornyk


Bill and Marg DeHart


Susan and Brian Dietrich


Susan and Bryan Waugh


Bryon and Linda Williams


Allan and Sharon Bickle


Lorne and Shelly Hornby


Ed Campbell


Diane and Dave Watts


Devin Dukshire


And we have some winners of the many raffles .


Kathy McGuire won Earl Radu’s hand crafted wood carving of a model 1952 Dodge pickup that she presented to Pat Morris at the dinner, so now Pat is the proud owner of the pickup. This particular model truck took Pat Morris down memory lane as she fondly remembered many family outings in their own 1952 Dodge pickup. She still has the original 1952 vehicle registration and insurance documents! 


Many thanks to all our talented Upper Island members who donated wonderful prize items for our draws.