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South Interior Power Pioneers November News Letter

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Hello to all our SIPP members!

Our Christmas Gala is fast approaching and we’re getting all the “I”s dotted and “T”s crossed to ensure an enjoyable time for everyone.  We have, however,  run into a hiccup, in that the St. James Choir contacted Fred this week to say that they unfortunately cannot attend and perform for us  :(  This will be a great disappointment for all of us, as the children bring such joy and Christmas spirit to our event.  Fred is madly scrambling to find a replacement children’s choir, a monumental task on such short notice.  So as I distribute this newsletter if ANYONE can help Fred on a children’s choir…
Please contact Fred at 250-542-6667.  We would appreciate your “choir” help!
Looking forward to seeing so many of you, as it’s the one event every year that everyone makes the extra effort to reunite, share “tales” and seasonal spirit!