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South Interior Power Pioneers January 2024 news letter

Branch News |

Wishing everyone the very best for the upcoming year! Good health!  and because we have already received good news for a “roll back” to our early 2023 lunch prices… you’ll have a little “Wealth”  as well for 2024!  Yes! our lunch prices are back to $20 a plate for this year!  What a good way to start the year.
A REMINDER – don’t forget to fill out the volunteer hours form – our branch receives $20 for every entry, and we return all those dollars back into the community.  Our convenor Steve Harrison will be phoning every member, so if you haven’t received a call from him yet – you will!  If you have filled out the form – be sure to send Steve an email at and let him know how many hours you sent in – it saves him a phone call.   Thank you!
I am making the list from all of your suggestions as to where you want your volunteer hour money donations to go, so send me your suggestions.  In the past years we have managed to donate to every suggestion received!
Keep Warm Everyone….  hope to see many of you for lunch in February!