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South Interior Power Pioneers February News Letter 2024

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Happy February Everyone!
I’m not trying to speed up time (cause it goes fast enough these days), but we are working on our Christmas Party already!  We have booked a date, but it appears the Choir can’t come that date, so we’ll go back and see if Schubert can be changed…. so it looks like it’ll be a back and forth and when we have it finalized we’ll let you know what you can mark on your December calendar.
Reminder:  for 2024 to mark your volunteer hours on your calendar…. as we did so well in 2023… details in the newsletter.  Lets do it again!
Reminder: our branch has to have three applications from our school districts graduates in order to award one of them a Community Service Award in June. Newsletter details!
Reminder:  St. Patricks Day is in March…lets keep it green for our luncheon and don some greenery.  
Come to our March luncheon and see what delicious surprise that chef Deep creates for us!