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South Interior Power Pioneers Community Service Award

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We were very pleased to receive three applications from the local high schools. After careful consideration of the merits of each, our CSA committee chose Jennifer Boone as the deserving candidate.



We were honored to host Jennifer and her parents, Jonathan and Karin Boone, at the June luncheon to present her with the CSA certificate, a $500 cheque and the Voices From Two Rivers history book.

Jennifer receiving her award from Vice President Stew Wallach and President Fred Wernikie.


Quotes from Jennifers letter to the committee:

A thriving community does not become so overnight – the hands of volunteers help build, run and shape it over the course of many years.

I think of a community as a tree. The people are the roots, grounded deep into the soil, where they are the very foundation upon which the tree grows. Volunteers are the sustenance vital to the tree’s survival – Jennifer