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South Interior Power Pioneer March Report

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Some of you already know, and others will now be learning of my (Stew’s) hospitalization and brain surgery. I am doing well, and am at home recovering, and definitely under my wife’s watchful eye…. feeling like I’m under a microscope… but for the time being I will have to get used to it… Actually it is much appreciated :).  The last 2 weeks have been the roller coaster ride that we didn’t even buy tickets for but now comes the recovering coasting part and hope I will get back to my normal active and busy self!  With all stressful times, we’ve used humor and this time has been no exception….  I asked the surgeon if he just couldn’t put in a new young brain to which he replied “Sorry there aren’t any available”!   LOL!  There has been lots of fodder available for teasing and laughter, and family and friends are keeping it in store for the future – well actually we’ve already started, as laughter helps to lighten the load!
So to our power pioneer friends, from the bottom of our hearts, we appreciate all the words (texts, emails, phone calls) of support and well wishes, that have come to me for a speedy recovery, and to Donna as support!   One doesn’t realize quite how huge our circle of support really is until something happens and  then the offers of help keep flooding in… for which we are truly thankful!  THANK YOU!  (Stew & Donna)
Glad to hear our “restart again” of our luncheons was a success and hopefully we are now back on track for every month, and hopefully restarting of the extra activities as well.  Golf tournament? Summer Picnic?  Lets Hope!
Attached is our monthly news letter.