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Provincial – 2024 Membership Renewal


It’s safe and easy to renew your membership online!

When you renew your membership online via credit card, your membership date is updated automatically and you’ll receive a receipt from our website. Your hard-working Membership Manager doesn’t need to lift a finger. Your credit card information is NOT stored on our website. Membership dues are $10 (Single) or $20 (Couple) per year.

Once you’re logged on to our website, here are the easy steps:

• Select My Admin, then My Account

• Under My Memberships select the colored link: Renew

• Follow the steps to renew your membership with your credit card.  The ”CVC” code is the three-digit number on the back of your credit card.

• The ”Discount Code” box should be left blank

• Remember to check the box for ”I agree to the Terms & Conditions”

• Review the branch newsletters you are subscribed to under Mailing Lists (you will automatically receive Provincial newsletters). Note: If you select additional branch newsletters, you will receive an email to confirm your subscription – be sure to click on the box to confirm your newsletter subscription

Still prefer to pay membership dues by cheque? Select the Cheque option and send your cheque to the Membership Manager listed for your branch.

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Lost password? You can use your user ID or email to get started by typing it in the required field and then select Lost Password.

• Didn’t get an email to reset your password? We might not have your current email address. Please email  Elly Tower  ( or call 604 437 9475 if you have any questions or problems.