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November and sweetness arrives!

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 November and sweetness arrives! Who is sweetness?  

 It’s our Purdy (pretty) girls.

Our local BC Hydro office started the sale of Purdys chocolates.  Thanks to Lois Earle,   Jane Adkins and their committee, the Upper Island Power Pioneers took over the sales in 2011. 

This year the Upper Island were able to donate $700.12 from the chocolate sales,  to the paediatric unit of the Nanaimo Regional hospital. 

 From 2011 to 2018 the grand total in Purdy’s chocolate sales is $69,800.79.  From these sales a total of $4,403.75 has been raised , all of which is donated to the paediatric unit in Nanaimo.


The chocolates have been removed from packing and are lined up and numbered, waiting to be re-packaged and ready for delivery.


And the sorting begins.  


 There really is an end in sight.