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California Dreaming Cruise 2018

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What is the first thing we all do when we board a cruise ship?



Don and Louise Mason, Debbie Thompson, Lynn Cross, Lois Earle and Anne Smith


Ray and Lois Anderson, Brian and Mirjam Jeffrey, Judy Rhode and Lavern Makortoff



There was so much fun on dress-up night.

First prize winners were Brian Jeffrey and Lois Earle

Ray and Lois Anderson

Lois Earle and Debbie Thompson


And time for excursions:

Anne Smith and Lois Earle


Louise and Don Mason


Spare time having fun aboard:

Laverne Makortoff, Ray and Lois Anderson,

Judy Rhode and Louise and Don Mason


Judy Rhode, Laverne Makortoff and Louise Mason


14 Upper Island members waiting for the bus after disembarkation from Emerald Princess

Debbie Thompson, Lois Earle, Ray and Lois Anderson, Anne Smith, Don Mason,

Brian Jeffrey, Edna Kidd, Lynn Cross, Vicki Gardner, Laverne Makortoff

-standing in front is Judy Rhode, Louise Mason and Mirjam Jeffrey