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Books collected in 2018 and delivered to the North Oyster School

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From 2004 to the end of 2018 Upper Island Power Pioneers have donated a total of 2,684 books to School Districts north of the Malahat on Vancouver Island.

School Co-ordinator Veronica, Librarian Patrice, and Assistant Principal Ed of the North Oyster School were pleased with the books delivered by Upper Island Power Pioneers Chris, Sharon, Jim, Tove and Janet. 

Thank you card from the students.



Upper Island literacy chair Chris Hannah with some of the 77 books collected for 2018.  Upper Island also donated  a cheque for $400.00 which the librarian used to purchase 24 books for their library.

  A comment from the librarian Patrice “It was such a pleasure to meet you today and to learn more about the BC Hydro Upper Island Power Pioneers.   Your commitment to making a positive impact in your community is so admirable.  As I said in our meeting, I really wanted to use the $400.00 that your group has so generously offered to focus on reading materials for the more reluctant readers in our school.  As discussed, graphic novels provide a very engaging support for readers whose ability might not match with their more mature interests.”