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Volunteer Hours Help Our Communities

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A sincere thank-you and a round of applause for the 100 Mile Volunteer Hours submitted.  Those volunteer hours meant that we received $300 to donate in our communities! Of the $300, there was $240 to donate in 100 Mile and $60 to donate in Lillooet.

The 100 Mile members voted to donate their funds to the 100 Mile Food Bank. The donation was presented by Bob Campbell aided by Heather Campbell as the photographer. The mission of the 100 Mile Food Bank is to do away with hunger in our community.







The Power Pioneers residing in the Lillooet area chose to donate their $60 to the Lillooet Hospital Foundation.  Bob and Stu Dew made the presentation.  The Lillooet Hospital Foundation raises funds to support the Lillooet District Hospital.

Well done everyone!