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Being a Power Pioneer gives you opportunities to stay connected and involved.

Many members enjoy being active in events and projects with Branch members, BC Hydro and our communities. Power Pioneers keep in touch with each other through monthly meetings, social activities, volunteer community events, fundraising and through our website and eNewsletters.

Our members are often busy with travels, family and hobbies. So we understand if you only have a little time to volunteer. You’ll find the Power Pioneers very flexible and happy to find a good fit for your interests.

Click on the links below to view our volunteer opportunities. These lists are intended to provide an overview of Branch and Provincial roles and may vary between Branches, please contact your local Branch for more information or you can call Lorilee Koltai, Provincial office, 604 623 3768 or email lorilee.koltai@bchydro.com.



Give back to your community.
Connect with volunteer opportunities right for you.

Looking to volunteer? Fill out our simple form so we can connect you with the right volunteer opportunities for you. We take the time to get to know what you’re interested and your availability to find the right match for you.